About Us

About Us


Since 1974, the Great American Hero and its employees have been committed to:

  1. Uncompromising personal service with prompt and friendly attention.
  2. Great tasting, healthy, and nutritious foods served in a clean environment.
  3. Each product being treated like a gift to you and each customer treated like a guest in our home.
  4. Being mindful and conscious of individual differences and having a pleasant visit.


  1. Do No Harm
  2. Make Things Better
  3. Respect Others
  4. Be Fair
  5. Be Loving


Picture it, New Jersey in the 1960’s, and a young man working the deli at a hometown, favorite sandwich shop, in Morristown, NJ “Long John’s,” while completing his master’s degree from Rutgers University. It was here that the inspiration for the Great American Hero was born and here where Dominick Oliverie learned all the necessary skills and lessons that have made his business a staple for Dallas, TX over the last 40 plus years.

In 1974, Dominick moved to Dallas and partnered with his brother to open his very own sandwich shop in downtown Dallas. Over a 6-year period, the chain grew and more shops were opened. In 1980, the brothers decided to end the business partnership, but Dominick was determined to see his dream continue. With a little fine tuning of the menu, and a little downsizing to focus all his energy into one location, the Great American Hero has become one of the best sandwich shops in Dallas.


What makes us the “BEST” & different from other Sandwich Shops and enhances customers overall experience?

  • 10 TYPES OF BREAD (whole wheat, 9-grain wheat, jalapeño cheese, marble rye, focaccia, red pepper parmesan ciabatta, authentic french, sourdough white & gluten free bread) AND 3 TYPES OF WRAPS (tomato basil, spinach herb, & garlic herb).
  • PENNILESS STORE – 1ST IN TEXAS – DONATES PENNIES AND LOOSE CHANGE TO COMMUNITY – AVERAGES CLOSE TO $1000 PER DONATION. We are actively involved in neighborhood and community fund raising projects – ask us for support.
  • VEGETARIAN FRIENDLY – 7 types of veggie subs or create your own. Best Hummus in the Universe – we love to give samples. (TRY #23 1/2 Hummus & 1/2 avocado + or – cheese)
  • We have fun with our guests – passing out “The Best Pickles in the Universe” or sample other products
  • FREE Wi-Fi
  • Healthier choices – no trans fats, many Hero-Made products are fresher than store or canned products.
  • Longevity – over 42 years in Dallas – started in 1974 @ 1914 Main St. – downtown Dallas.
  • Plenty of plants – seen on our Patio every day
  • On your Birthday you get to choose a free SPIRIT Rock – a $5.00 value! DON’T FORGET
  • Great reputation in Catering. From 6 to over 1000 lunches in short notice. A simple and easy way to order Catering Menu – Box Lunches, Giant 6′ Heroes, and sandwich Platters are our specialty. We also do colorful Dessert trays, cheese and meat platters, large Salad Bowls, Ice tea & Lemonade by the gallon, potato salad & macaroni salad, etc. Set up a corporate account.
  • We can accommodate most dietary needs. Low sodium, less calories – we can THIN the bread, etc.
  • Our catering is quick, dependable, healthy, fun and inexpensive and you can call us with little notice or when you are in a jam – we are on your team – set up a corporate account & get 10% off 1st order
  • No charge for substitutions of equal value
  • Monthly lunch business card drawing for 2 – $20 value – 5 business cards drawn per month
  • We make out Hero Spices, Hummus, Avocados (guacamole), Tuna (2 ways) & chicken Salad fresh
  • We go to Farmers Market almost every day to get fresh produce
  • You can SAMPLE almost anything from Hummus or White Albacore TUNA to any soups or meat products – just ask the person on the slicer
  • We have half – “Minies“, whole & double meat Subs plus half and whole salads
  • ** You can make a “NEW YORK DELI STYLE” Hero which is a triple if you miss the Big Apple
  • We carry more types of chef, Caesar, & dinner salads than any other sandwich shop in town
  • We make many dressings including Roasted Pepper Mayo, Basil Mayo, Zesty Mayo, Chipotle Mayo, Sriracha Ranch, Honey Mustard and others from scratch with fresh ingredients
  • We use a healthier Salad mix of Spring Mix, Romaine, Green leaf, spinach & other types of lettuces
  • We always get high scores (average – 97) on our Health Reports – Great for a store so old!
  • We use high quality meats and cheeses and we are proud of all our products – ask for a sample taste
  • We have fresh squeezed Lemonade and Limeade, not the fake type that comes out of soda machines
  • We are working on becoming a GREEN restaurant – just a few more things like changing our indoor lighting of which we have started doing
  • We use our large Marquee below our big pole sign effectively to announce specials
  • We fax continually to about 30 – 50 companies per week to encourage them to cater with us
  • GO take PICTURES in back parking lot against DALLAS famous LOVE WALL
  • We have fun with a T-Shirt calendar where all Team Members wear the same color shirts on the same day & we have 8 different types or colors of shirts. Tuesday is Hippie Tuesday where we all wear Tye-Dye shirts and put on the oldie Radio station.
  • We are the friendliest sandwich shop in town and we really care about customer satisfaction. We are rated 4 1/2 – 5 stars on “Talk of the Town”, Yelp. etc. for Customers satisfaction and friendliness.
  • Our restaurant often wins “Best of Dallas” awards in the Dallas Observer & D-Magazine
  • We print our Mission Statement on the bank of every Menu and also post it in the store
  • We carry “Wild About Harry’s” Frozen Custard. Written up by Texas Monthly as one of the BEST frozen dessert in Texas. Visit his store on Knox Street.
  • We all wear HERO aprons with our names on them so you can get to know us better
  • We use loyal customer punch card – after 9 sandwiches, 10th one is Free – HEROHOLIC CARDS
  • Great security system for safety of employees and customers – 12 cameras inside and outside of store with a keypad to get into our employee area, Our safety & your safety are priorities
  • ONE OF THE FEW SANDWICH SHOPS WITH A FREE STANDING BUILDING AND A DRIVE THRU. It is like 2 stores in one! We are prompt and accurate (not perfect-we have mistakes)
  • Soups – usually 3 types. 1-chicken based, 1-vegetarian, 1-cream base
  • Nutrition Chart available
  • We sell all our products to customers like a Deli and Produce Market. Meats by the lb., Breads by the loaf, Produce by the piece or lb., Tea & Lemonade by the gallon and even ice.
  • We carry Caesar salads and Chicken Caesar salads both small & large
  • I am a retired school teacher from Parsippany, N.J. – all employees needs to take 12 tests before they can be called a Master Sandwich maker. It usually takes between 6 months and a year to complete.
  • We do hand-dipped Shakes, Malts, and ice cream Sodas
  • ** Our Prices all come out to 25¢ / 50¢ / 75¢ / or $. WE DO NOT NICKEL or DIME YOU **
  • All of our dipped frozen custards can be made into sundaes
  • We carry 18 types of Frito Lay chips to offer newer & healthier assortment to our customers
  • We carry 2 types of pastrami – a tasty beed and a healthy turkey pastrami
  • We make (#18) TEXAS cheese steaks 3 different ways – Philly – Mexican – Italian and we can make them with our mesquite chicken strips as well as our marinated beef steak.
  • We make our (#10) fajita chicken strips 3 ways – Mesquite grilled – Buffalo Chicken – Chicken Parmesan
  • Our meats and cheeses are not vacuum packed – we have a slicer and slice our products for our customer at our store. We can cut it thick or thin — however you would like it.
  • We were first ones in Texas to get and use Dyson Hand Dryers in our bathrooms – you have to give them a try – they will blow you away!
  • Pet Friendly Patio – we supply Ice water. Doggie scraps and doggie treats given our at our Drive-Thru
  • We were nominated as Finalist “Best Sandwich Shop in Dallas – 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014” by D Magazine.
  • Best back fence in Dallas – built by myself & our own employees – go take a look.
  • We donate to a minimum of 20 different Charities every year.
  • We have been known to make sandwiches early in the morning and take them down to Farmers Market area in the morning to feed the homeless with bottle water and fruit.
  • We have sponsored a local softball team for the last 7 years with donations, t-shirts, & car washes.
  • Our Team Members are our real Heroes and when you frequent us – you will see why.
  • Our customers are loyal and choose to eat healthier & fresher. Eat a HERO – Be a HERO!
  • Google has us as “Best Sandwich Shop in Dallas Texas” for many years. Thank you Dallas!


VISION for our Customers: Healthy, compassionate, happy people having Fun and Living Longer!

Bon Appetit & thank you for your support – Dominick Oliver – owner – operator